Rotarius is a fine selection of unique apartments for short term rentals in Asti centre.

Surrounded by the history and culture of the city, unspoiled by mass tourism,

our apartments give you the chance to enjoy the very best of Italian design and lifestyle.


Roero apartment is located in one of the loveliest squares in town, with a beautiful view over the roofs, the hills and the surrounding mountains. 

Located at the top of a noble palace, with the bedroom in the 6 mt high medieval tower, it's the perfect place for a romantic getaway or, simply, for a stay to remember.

Sleeps 2 (+ 1)

87 square meters                           


Mameli is a wide and comfortable apartment with high vaulted ceilings, original timber floors and, definitely, a unique flair to it. 

The space is a mix of design, period and creative elements, whose result gives birth to a fairy tale/out of time feel hard to replicate. Perfect for dreamers or those who need to escape reality.

Sleeps 4

160 square meters



Ready in spring 2018



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